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Strollen is the app for the fashion lover and admirer.

About this app

Incredible people. Regular compensation. Unlimited possibilities. All-in-one app.

Do you aspire to be magnificent? Rushing to look for something admirable on the internet? Strollen is

here to help. We make it possible for our loyal customers and affiliates to get exactly what they want.

Fashionistas and affiliates now have access to a single app that has all they need. There's a digital runway!

Strollen gives you fast access to global items that have been worn or used in a photo by partnering with

the most popular online merchants. At the same time, snapping a selfie shouldn't be only for fun when a

company pays you to take marketable selfies. It's a world of possibilities with the Stollen app!

Our Strollen mobile app eliminates all work boundaries, allowing you to easily browse your options, take

stunning selfies, and track your wardrobe. The benefit is that the user can link an affiliate account to each

media post they make, allowing them to earn more money.

We've got you covered no matter where you are. Welcome to the only company in the world that buys


                        We are Hiring, You !!!


As a selfie artist, you're expected to;

- Take Marketable Selfies

- Upload garment and product information along with the image via Strollen web page (PreApplaunch)

- Create and utilize Affiliate agreements

- Utilize the Event calendar

- Report all technical defects to Strollen via the approved process; customer service email and twitter.


As a Social Strollen User, you're expected to;

- Ask question and view information videos on our YouTube channel

- Leave comment and question on YouTube of Strollen.com homepage

Why Strollen?

Over 10 million fashionistas and affiliates trust Strollen to help revolutionize how we present ourselves

and put resources in the hands of content creators.

But don't take our word for it.

“The app allows you to explore, shop and track your wardrobe conveniently." - Fashion's New Era of


“The strollen app, as expected, is simple to use. The aesthetics are heavily emphasized, making it easy to

browse through the entire app."

Are you ready to take a detour from the mundane to the extraordinary?

Download now and explore great things!

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