Why plain when you can be magnificent?

Have you ever wondered where you could get something you saw being worn or used in a

photo? You'll need to take a stroll with Strollen to answer those pressing questions.

Strollen is an app that allows adoring customers and affiliates to get exactly what they want.

Fashionistas and affiliates now have access to an all-in-one app. A Digital runway!

Strollen is also the best app landing page which will help you showcase your business. It's easy

to access, explore, and shop! You can log on to your apple store or play store to simply get our

mobile app.

(To assist you in familiarizing yourself with our app, we have taken a few screenshots of

different sections; take a look at the app.)


Strollen is the only company buying selfies. If you consider yourself a selfie artist, this is your

dream job.

Go to Strollen.com

* Agree to the terms of service agreement

* Register an account

* Look into the FAQ to find a link to the preferred/tested payment service

* Start taking marketing selfies

* Do not forget to input the casting information if you want to be presented to casting directors

As a Selfie Artist

Strollen is a social media company at the very end of the pre-launchprocess.We have 100

opening for immediate placement, as Affiliate Users. During the pre-launch phase the Affiliate

User will be responsible to the Strollen Terms and Service Agreement, Site Cookie Agreement,

Dispute Resolution Process, End User license agreement, most importantly The Strollen Affiliate

User Non-Disclosure and Strollen Non-compete Agreement.



As a Strollen Affiliate User, you are responsible for acquiring and maintaining your equipment

and 3rdparty vendors’ agreement. Where there is a conflict between the 3rdparty agreement and

that of the agreements of Strollen, you agree the Strollen agreement will prevail.


As a Strollen Affiliate User, your activities will include but are not limited to the following:


Taking Marketable Selfies


Uploading garment and product information along with the image via Strollen web page



Creating and utilizing Affiliate agreements


Utilizing the Event calendar


Reporting all technical defects to Strollen via the approved process; customer service

email and twitter.



Affiliate agreement with 3rdparties

Internet and or mobile data


* Ask question and view information videos on our YouTube channel

* Leave comment and question onYouTube of the Strollen.com homepage


The goal of Strollen is to transform how we portray

ourselves and put resources in the hands of content creators.

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